The art of persuasion 1: Rhetoric

George Orwell once wrote that a classical education would be impossible without corporal punishment. Maybe that’s why it isn’t taught in schools today.  Classical education was demanding. It included rhetoric: the art of effective speaking and writing. Rhetoric’s goal is to persuade. Effective communication will always be a vital business skill because business is essentially… Continue reading The art of persuasion 1: Rhetoric

Is slowing down bad?

You’d think promoting counter-urgency in business would be as popular as a middle-of-the-night-car-alarm-wake-up-call. Do a news search on “slow and business” and you get nothing but misery, pain, and frustration. Don’t we associate slow with failure, inefficiency; and perhaps worse — laziness? Speed worship We love speed. We have speed dating, speed networking, and fast… Continue reading Is slowing down bad?