picture of Christopher Richards business book ghostwriter

Hello, I’m Christopher Richards, a veteran business book ghostwriter for business leaders. My guess is that you don’t need convincing why you should have a business book. You already know why.

I’ve been specializing in ghostwriting business books for 17 years. I have now changed my business model to help you with two services: book planning and/or an introduction to a colleague.

Book planning

With a detailed map, you are much less likely to get lost. When you have a solid outline of your entire book, you know where you are going, and how to get there. A readable business book must have a solid structure and say something to its intended audience that they find valuable. Business-book readers want clarity. Most are short on time, so getting to the point without a lot of throat-clearing is essential.

The outline specifies the what, the where, the when, the why, and the how. Your plan lists the stories and examples you want to convey. In other words, it’s an organized document showing the complete layout of your content. Book planning is similar to creating a shooting script for a movie. But in this case, it’s a script for a writer.

Collegue introduction

Finding a proficient business book ghostwriter is not easy. Successful ghostwriters often have a waiting list. What matters is how you and your ghostwriter will work together. If your project and budget seem a good fit, I can introduce you to a seasoned colleague.

If I can help you, please get in touch with me here, and thank you for visiting.